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Winter care tips for houseplants.

These tips should help to keep your houseplants happy and healthy!


  • Move plants nearer to brighter windows for winter.

  • Dust leaves with a damp cloth so plants can make maximum use of available light to help them photosynthesize, so they can continue to purify the air in your home.

  • Clean windows to allow maximum light transmission.


  • Water less often, plants grow slower in Winter and some go dormant. Cactus and succulents may not need watering at all and for all other houseplants while the surface may look dry it's a good idea to stick your finger in the soil up to the second knuckle if it feels dry water moderately if it's moist leave a few more days and check again.

  • Use rainwater if you can or let tap water sit overnight. Always leave it to get up to room temperature to avoid shocking the roots.


  • With heating on humidity levels can drop in Winter to as low as 10-20%. Many houseplants prefer higher humidity. Here's some things you can try to raise humidity levels:

  • Try grouping plants together

  • Moving them to a bathroom or kitchen.

  • Placing your plants on or near a tray of water or saucer of moistened pebbles is a good trick. Just don't let the plants sit in the water or the roots may rot.


  • Keep plants away from cold drafts and sources of heat. Fluctuations in temperature can kill houseplants just as easily as prolonged periods of heat or cold.

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