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This pretty peperomia with its glossy emerald leaves with striking red undersides also produces flowers. A compact plant which grows to a maximum height of 20cms-30cms. Current height approximately 20cms.

Peperomia prefer a bright, warm room out of direct sunlight. They will tolerate shade but will likely grow slower and may get leggy as they stretch for the light. They do ok under fluorescent lights, making them an ideal office plant.

Take care not to over-water. They are fairly drought resistant as they store water in their leaves. Allow the soil to almost dry out about 75% before watering. Ideally use rainwater or let tap water sit overnight and water from below.

They prefer humidity so are ideal in a bathroom or kitchen but should do fine with normal household humidity.

Comes in a ceramic pot of your choice and a detailed handmade care label.

Large Peperomia Caperata Rosso in your choice of pot with handmade care label

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