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This funky monkey originates from the tropical regions of Central America, Mexico and Panama. It's a climbing plant so in time it could literally climb the walls! or wou could support it with a coir moss pole or stake or train it up a taller plant. It could also be put on a shelf to trail down. Easy to care for as long as it has warm moist conditions. So ideal in a steamy bathroom or kitchen. Elsewhere you could put a tray of moistened pebbles under the pot.


Light: Grows best in a bright spot out of direct sun. Can tolerate moderate shade.

Water: Allow the top 2 inches of soil to dry out between waterings. 


Current height: approx 30cms.

Ultimate indoor height: 3-5ft tall but can be pruned. Easy to propagate in water from stem and leaf cuttings.

Comes with your choice of pot and handmade care label.

Monstera Adansonii 'Monkey Mask' with your choice of pot & care label

  • I offer free delivery within Hexham and there is a small charge of no more than £4 for Tyne Valley, Newcastle, Northumberland, North & South Tyneside down to Peterlee area. 

    You can also arrange to collect your plant.

  • If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your plant, please get in touch within 7 days of purchase to arrange a return.

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