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Spanish moss is actually epiphytic flowering plant that  often grows from large trees in tropical climates like South America. Tillandsia thrives in humid conditions, so it’s a perfect plant to hang in a bathroom or kitchen. Keeping it alive is easier than you might think, and as houseplants go, it is very low maintenance, but quite different in its requirement to other indoor plants.


When it comes to watering, there are two options: You can either mist regularly.  When misting, you want to give the plant just enough water, that water droplets start to form at the end of the leaves.

Alternatively you can dunk the whole bunch in a bowl of room temperature water, when the plant starts to look like it is dry. This approach is a little more risky, as Spanish moss doesn’t like to be too wet, especially when the air temperature is cool, for a prolonged period of time. A quick dunk, and somewhere warm with good airflow to drip dry is all this plant needs.

Shake off any excess water though as they dislike overwatering.

If possible use rain water, or let tap water sit overnight, and never use water from a water softener.

Tillandsia naturally grow in the forest understorey so don’t need direct light, a position close to a window but out of direct sun is ideal.


Plant length: 60cms.

Tillandsia Usenioides 'Spanish Moss' Air plant' with det

  • Can be posted 1st class small parcel £3.70.

    I offer free delivery within Hexham and there is a small charge of no more than £4 for Tyne Valley, Newcastle, Northumberland, North & South Tyneside down to Peterlee area. 

    You can also arrange to collect your plant.

  • If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your plant, please get in touch within 7 days of purchase to arrange a return.

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