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A Green Approach

Hello, I'm Julie a plantswoman on a mission to help people green their indoor spaces without damaging the environment. I have always had a love of plants and gardening but was aware that many plants are grown in peat and come in plastic pots which are hard to recycle. I wanted to offer an environmentally friendly alternative.

I had previously worked on a Moorland reserve with peat bogs so had experienced first-hand the importance of preserving this unique habitat. Peat is the single biggest store of carbon in the UK, storing the equivalent of 20 years of all UK CO2 emissions and keeping it out of the atmosphere. 

My houseplants are raised in Hexham using a sustainable coir based compost and come in recycled pots with detailed, handmade care labels. Inner pots are either plastic free, reused plastic or recyclable.

I hope that you will enjoy your guilt free plants and all the benefits they’ll bring.

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