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An intriguing epiphytic cactus with slender stems covered in fine hairs.

Unlike most cactus, Rhipsalis does not thrive in direct sun. Naturally found in the understorey of trees, they prefer bright, indirect light but can tolerate direct morning sun. Avoid hot afternoon sun which can burn the stems. It can survive in lower light conditions but I would give it a burst of brighter conditions every now and then if you want to do this. 

Rhipsalis likes a bit more water than traditional desert cactus, as they are not drought resistant. However, take care not to over-water. They won't need watering more than once a week in summer. Push your finger right into the soil to see if it is moist. Soil should be moist not soggy. Water less often and more moderately in winter. It will let you know when it’s thirsty because its tendrils will start to pucker and lose rigidity. If the tendrils turn brown and crispy, you’ve waited too long since last watering, but don’t despair — Rhipsalis are very forgiving plants and will usually bounce back. 

As it grows stems will trail over the pot and it can be put in a hanging pot. 

Current height approximately: 30cms. Can grow to around 50cms.

Comes with your choice of pot and a detailed care label.

Rhipsalis philocarpa 'Wickerware cactus' in a pot of your choice with care label

  • I offer free delivery within Hexham and there is a small charge of no more than £4 for Tyne Valley, Newcastle, Northumberland, North & South Tyneside down to Peterlee area. You can also arrange to collect your plant.

  • If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your plant, please get in touch within 7 days of purchase to arrange a return.

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